Borrowing Seeds

True To Seed ~ Coeur d’Alene Seed Sharing Library operates on an honor system. We trust that our members fill out the correct forms and “check out” the requested amount of seed packages. We ask that you respect that the library is a shared public resource and to take only what you will use during the season. We will have a fresh inventory available every year starting in February!

Steps to Borrowing Seeds

  • If this is your first time borrowing seeds, fill out a Membership Information Form in the binder located on top of the Seed Catalog. Make sure form is in a sheet protector, and placed in the alphabetical tab that starts with the first letter of your last name. Keeping records of our members and the seeds they check out helps us with inventory.
  • Choose your seeds. Please limit the amount you check out totaling Five (5) packets of seeds per month from any category. You can come back each month to check out more! True To Seed will be open from February to September.
  • Make sure to record your seed packet choices on the back of your Membership Information Form, in your Member’s Seed Record. This is important, so we can track what goes out and back into the seed library!
  • Grow your plants! If you choose to save a portion of seeds to return to the Seed Library, and you have any questions during the growing season please feel free to contact us by email