Returning Seeds

True To Seed happily accepts home garden or commercially grown heirloom/open pollinated seed donations. If you donate home grown seed, please be sure it’s from plants that you understand how to save correctly. Easy to save seeds include tomatoes, beans, peas, lettuce and many different herbs and flowers. If you plan to return home grown squash, melon, carrot, onion, or any brassica (broccoli, cabbage or kale), please be sure you have saved them properly and note this on the container you return them in.

There are no requirements for how many seeds or how many of each variety you must return to the library. Due to the abundant nature of seed it can be easy to return much more seed than you borrowed! Seed saving is new to many of us and many people have varying levels of knowledge and experience. What’s most important is that all borrowers commit to making a sincere effort to save some of their seeds during the season. Ask us how; some seeds are easier than others. We will provide as much guidance and support as possible and nobody will ever be penalized for unsuccessful seed saving.

Steps to Return Your Harvested Seeds

  • After harvesting your seeds, please take steps to clean your seeds and remove as much chaff as possible. Be sure to dry them thoroughly and store them in a cool, dry, and dark place until you bring them back to the library.
  • Return your seeds to the library in sealed envelopes, closed containers, or Ziploc bags. Make sure to label the seeds the best you can. (Your name, seed type, variety, seed source, days to maturity and year of harvest.) Deposit your returned seeds in one of the lowest drawers in Seed Catalog marked “Return” or “Donate”.
  • To record your seed “check-in”, use the iPad, located on the side of the seed catalog. Make sure to use the “Member Sign In” button, fill out membership information and select the seed check-in option. If this is your first time using the seed library, then please select the “New Member” button and follow the instructions to enter data about the seeds you are checking in.

Note: Please return saved seeds you know are non-hybrid and open-pollinated varieties. We cannot accept GMO, PVP or Noxious weed seed varieties.